Serenity Health & Home Decor Increases Revenue per Visit by 89% By Optimizing the Post Add-To-Cart Experience


  • 37%
    Increase in transactions

  • 89%
    Increase in revenue per visit

  • 19%
    More traffic to cart page

Serenity Health & Home Decor offers an extensive collection of relaxation and home decor products to provide a sense of tranquility to customers both indoors and outdoors. Since its start in 1998, the company has committed to superior customer service, high-quality products, and a secure shopping experience.


Serenity Health & Home Decor knew that desktop accounted for a large percentage of its online purchases. Understanding that the post add-to-cart experience is a crucial part of the funnel, the team decided to test this experience for desktop users specifically with the help of EXCLUSIVE (a company specializing in e-commerce growth). EXCLUSIVE uses the AB Tasty platform to set up and analyze various experiments for their clients, resulting in a successful partnership.

Split Test Idea

Using the AB Tasty platform, EXCLUSIVE set up a split test that diverted website traffic equally between the site’s original version and two variations. These variations experimented with the notifications and CTAs that appeared after shoppers added an item to their cart. In the original UX, after a user added an item to their shopping cart, a green banner appeared in the upper right-hand corner confirming this action and displaying two CTAs: View Cart or Check Out.




In variation A, users were taken directly to the cart page after adding an item.



Variation A


In variation B a lightbox (pop-in modal) appeared after users added an item to their cart, showing the product they just selected and two options: Keep Shopping or Checkout.



Variation B



While both variations outperformed the original version, it was variation B with the lightbox experience that proved to be the most effective: increasing conversion rates by 37% and revenue per visit by 89%.

Takeaway Tip

In analyzing the results, EXCLUSIVE confirmed that the original version—presenting the option to either View Cart or Check Out in the top right corner—was confusing and, sometimes, not even seen by shoppers. Providing clear next steps throughout the customer journey is essential for maximizing conversions, which is why both variations performed better than original: each made the desired next steps unmissable. This experiment also identified key aspects of the user experience (the lightbox and cart page) to continue testing and optimizing.

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