Marianne Stjernvall explains the evolution of CRO and the importance of centralizing your CRO Program to create a data-driven organization

Season 3, Episode 2 : Marianne Stjernvall

About the speaker

Having worked with CRO and experiments for a decade and executed more than 500 A/B tests, Marianne Stjernvall has helped over 30 organizations to help them grow their CRO programs.

Today, Marianne has transformed her passion for creating experimental organizations with a data-driven culture to become a CRO consultant at her own company, the Queen of CRO.

She also regularly teaches at schools to pass on her CRO knowledge and show the full kind of spectrum of what it takes to execute on CRO and A/B testing and experimentation.

“When done right, testing within the spectrum of CRO can help move organizations into a completely different path that they were on before onto a more innovative and transformative journey.”

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