The Customer-Centric Data Series

the Power
of Data

Data is a powerful thing

Our world has become increasingly digital, and as such, consumer expectations of their digital experiences are on the rise. To stay ahead of the competition, brands today must continuously optimize the customer journey to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. But how do you know where to begin?

Experimentation is the key to unlocking the best digital experience. Data then becomes a powerful asset, driving every stage of the experimentation process from ideation to analysis.

In our digital report, you will hear from top partners and data experts at AB Tasty on how brands can use data to better understand customer needs, forge emotional connections and build a data-based, customer-centric vision.


Personalization is worth it because the better you know your customers, the longer you can continue your conversation with them resulting in loyalty and retention.
Filip von Reiche
Wunderman Thompson
Data democratization is essential for building a customer-centric culture.
Sophie D’Souza
If your competitors are testing new features and responding to user behavior, they set a new standard to match. Neglect that and you risk being left behind.
Marine Lewandowski and Pierre-Alexandre Yacoub
A breadth of data - balanced between qualitative and quantitative - will give the most accurate picture of user behavior
Helen Willmot

Data is your best asset

Customer expectations of digital experiences are on the rise. With the power of data on your side, you’ll build an optimization strategy that can keep up with changing user behaviors without missing a beat.