Enhance Your Personalization With AI

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Everyone is aware of the need to personalize their website for visitors, but many people find it very difficult or are unsure exactly what to do.

Our new webinar will go into detail on the importance of personalization, practical steps you can take in order to make your customers known, the most highly valued segments you need to target, and ways in which experimentation can help you do this.

We look into how emotions play their part in customer decisions and how you can use AI to adapt your messages, experiment with unique personalized messages for each visitor type, delve into data to understand their needs, conduct tests to identify effective messaging, and construct personalized journeys targeting specific emotional needs.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Personalizing the customer journey
  • Understand the emotional needs of audiences to bolster their Experience 
  • Have more winning variations by digging deeper into what works and for which type of personality with analytics

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  • Mary Kate Cash
    Head of Growth Marketing, NA
    AB Tasty
  • John Hughes
    Sr. Marketing Manager, UK
    AB Tasty
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