It's time to reveal the magic behind our success: The AB Tasty dream team of product, marketing and engineering experts — aka the Magic Makers

A little magic can go a long way

At AB Tasty, we’re product designers, software engineers, awkward dancers and so much more. We’re also firm believers that every person has a little magic within them.

That’s why we’re pulling back the curtains for a big reveal: AB Tasty’s Magic Makers. Let’s hear personally from the experts on how they use their magic to advance the world of experimentation.

“The inspiration for our ideas is, and always will be, the user.”

Julie Dumont
Head of Product Experience & Design

“For anyone considering a career in tech, I would say … Just go for it! It’s a very wide field, you will find the perfect fit for you.”

Jihan el Medini
Frontend Developer

“Every great data scientist needs curiosity because you have to focus on different aspects of the problems to be able to solve them correctly.”

Hubert Wassner
Chief Data Scientist

“The best way to understand how your customers are experiencing your brand is to experiment, fail, succeed and continuously do this.”

Aaron Stillman
Director of Product Marketing

Our mission

Today’s customer journey is complex. That’s why we help companies optimize every step of the way. In the past decade, we’ve upended the digital optimization space by equipping our clients with the most efficient tools for testing and personalizing across any sector.

Life at AB Tasty

Our culture is a mix of magic and talent. We believe that every employee brings a little magic to the table — and makes our office a wonderful place to work.

A great place to work

Being defined as a great place to work is something all companies dream of. But like any dream, taking the right actions is required to make it happen.

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