Unlock hidden value through

As we like to say, experimentation makes perfect.
Test your website, app, features and so much more to be sure you’re driving the highest possible ROI from your digital touchpoints.

Let experimentation be your guide

You'll be up and running in no time - implementing hundreds of experiments to gain key insights and deliver more value along the way.

Easily experiment on your web visitors

It's never been more straightforward to build and deploy an experiment.
Quickly test your ideas and deliver better customer experiences.

statistics engine

All the data you need to make informed decisions, at your fingertips. Use gain probability and median value to correctly assess the impact of your experiments, and safely update your website with winning variations.

Track the ROI
of your experiments

Identifying the business impact of your experiments can be a challenge - but not with our ROI dashboard. Track the impact of your tests compared to the original, and easily attribute gains in revenue to your experiments. Revenue is attributed by campaign and by time period, so you can report on results with ease.

Experimentation in practice

Increased conversions by +15%

Ashley's furniture eliminated client frustration by shortening the checkout process, reducing cart abandonment rates checkout and creating a more fluid transition to the payment step.

Deep dive on experimentation