Impactful experiences with

Quickly create relevant brand experiences that will resonate with your audiences. Strengthen brand loyalty, increase conversions and create revenue uplift.

Powerful AI and data-driven segmentation

AB Tasty has all you need to painlessly craft granular, personalized experiences: machine learning tech, behavioral, transactional and location-based data, psychographics, & more.

Activate your audiences

Choose from a wide array of granular campaign triggers. From page load to exit intent or scroll depth to browse time, launch personalized messages at exactly the right moment.

Using our drag and drop editor or custom code, create and display banners, pop-ups, interstitials, or any personalized message.

Optimize each interaction

Based on items viewed or purchased, the social proof widget embeds directly on your product page and encourages transactions.

Easily integrate progress bars anywhere during the customer journey to nudge visitors down the funnel. Improve checkout or any multi-step process on your site.

Suggest the right product

Automatically surface relevant, contextual, and complementary product recommendations with our API. It’s a proven way to increase average order value and overall revenue.

Personalization success stories

2x transaction rates

By launching campaigns based on viewed and purchased products, NYX Professional Makeup made excellent use of the principle of social proof.

Take your personalization strategy further